About Us

Company History

After graduating from Bentley University in 1995, Dante Diorio left Massachusetts for Greensboro, NC to start his career in the forest products industry. Over the next decade, he transformed from a green lumber trader into one of the leading buyers and sellers of softwoods in the country. Mr. Diorio’s unrelenting work ethic, blunt honesty, and colorful personality allowed him to excel in the lumber business, year after year. Along his journey, he developed a deep understanding of the products and markets within the lumber industry. He developed enduring relationships with buyers and sellers, big and small. Eventually, this journey developed into a dream to disrupt the industry for the benefit of both his customers and suppliers.

In 2006, Dante gave up his steady income and invested his life savings to transform that dream into Diorio Forest Products. Founded on strong values of integrity, transparency, and respect along with an ever-present goal of achieving shared success for its customers and suppliers, Diorio Forest Products quickly blossomed into one of the major specialty softwood suppliers on the East Coast. Adding traders in New York, Oregon, Virginia, and Georgia over the next few years, DFP now delivers lumber solutions to its business partners across the country.

Diorio Forest Products, Inc. is a proud member of the following industry organizations:

Wood Products Manufacturers Association Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association